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Hunting a Deer on Ground

For those who are used to hunting deer above ground, the first question that would come to their mind is how to hunt deer from the ground. Though hunting a deer above ground provides several advantages. Being in an elevated perch like a tree stand gives a hunter a wider view of his surroundings. However, they would never experience the excitement and thrill when hunting at the same level with them. But unlike hunting above ground, hunting deer on the ground provides several challenges. Here are several tips to overcome the challenges when hunting deer from the ground. But before going to hunt, you should be equipped good hunting stuffs like hunting clothes, gloves, and best hunting boots(You can find 5 best hunting boots for 2017 reviews here).

Tips When Hunting Deer on Ground

deer hunting

Find natural trails where a deer would usually pass

The first thing that you need to do when hunting a deer either above ground or from the ground is to find natural trails in the forest where the animal would usually pass through. These natural trails are characterized by clear paths in the forest. Usually, an animal would prevent themselves passing through complicated paths and instead take advantage of naturally occurring paths for easy access to their destination.

Camouflage yourself both by sight and scent

Do not wear flashy and brightly colored clothes where you will easily be spotted by a deer. Instead, wear colors that naturally occur in nature. Also, there are available camouflage clothes in the market. Besides from concealing yourself by sight, you should also conceal your scent. A deer has a great sense of smell. You can do this by brushing off plant materials to your clothes and stuff. But, remember to brush off only the plants that are in your surrounding at the moment your hunting a deer. You don’t want to brush off the leaves of an oak tree if there is no oak tree in your surroundings.

Always exercise stealth

In any kind of hunting, stealth is very important. A hunter should make himself invisible to the deer or it may ruin his hunt. He must not create any sound while hunting. He must think ahead of the deer. This skill is a must to all hunters. Hunting without stealth is like chasing the deer, which you can never chase.

Take advantage of natural blinds

Before commercially-made blinds were used, hunters would take advantage of naturally occurring blinds like thick bushes, fallen trees, rock outcroppings, and other naturally occurring things that would hide them from deer’s field of vision. By using natural blinds, you do not have to buy and carry commercial blinds. However, it may need some experience to use such blinds.

Use commercial blinds

Having a commercial blind is better and makes hunting easier. Though it may be an extra luggage, these blinds don’t weigh that much and are not even bulky. The blinds have a wide variety of patterns that suits different habitats. Also, they can be easily set upped and can almost be placed anywhere.

Two Ways to Hunt Deer on Ground

Two Ways to Hunt Deer on Ground

Spot and Stalk

This is the least popular way of hunting deer in large forested areas with thick foliage limiting the field of view of the hunter. The hunting method involves finding a high place where the hunter can observe and analyze the terrain and spot a deer. He usually uses a binocular to spot deer. When he finds one, he will then have to decide whether stalking it is possible. Among the criteria when deciding is the distance of the deer from the hunter, the path to it, and accessibility. The hunter must choose the best path to minimize the chances of being noticed by the deer and maximize the time to get to the deer. The hunter will then continue to stalk the deer until it is in his firing range.

Still Hunting

Still hunting is the most popular way of hunting a deer because the hunter has a greater control on the outcome of the hunt. Though this hunting style can turn into the first one, the hunter will usually stay still and wait for a passing deer. Or, walk through the woods until he sees one, and then find a spot where the deer will possibly pass. Then, patiently wait there until the deer is at firing range. It is very important that the hunter should move quietly and slowly. He must also plan ahead and know exactly where the deer will move to.
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