Friday, October 28, 2016

Why You Should Have A Patio Heater?

There are many reasons why you should buy a patio heater. The most important reason to buy one is because you need one. This reason cannot be over emphasized. If you live in a region where temperatures drop and winters are very cold. Your patio heater will be a great source of warmth and comfort. You now have no reason to be confined indoors.

Why should you buy a Patio heater? 

Patio heaters are affordable 

Patio heater

The first thing that comes to mind when buying any item is whether it is worth the investment. In the case of home appliances it is important to know if you can afford the running cost. Patio heaters are available at variable price ranges and range from $100 upwards. There is always one for your budget. Running costs are also minimal. Patio heaters run on gas or electricity. The average cost of electricity consumed works out to $1.316 per hour. A 5 gallon tank of propane costs approximately $16 and it runs for 10 hours. So the average cost is $1.60 per hour. Natural gas source is the cheapest and if you have a heater using this source it comes to $.476 per hour. Thus it can be called an affordable luxury. Read here for top 5 picks best patio heaters.

Variety of placement options

Patio heaters come in different styles and can be placed to suit your convenience. There are portable, table top, ceiling mounted and in-ground patio heaters. The area of your patio and the mode of use can determine the type of patio heater you want. They are also attractively and artistically designed and add beauty to your exterior. The different varieties of patio heaters are given below:
  1. All weather patio heaters: They are suitable for outside environment.
  2. Zero light heaters: They provide only warmth and no light. They can be used when there are other sources of light.
  3. Free standing Patio Heater: They are mobile and can be used in the garden.
  4. Gas Heaters: The fire is visible and it gives a warm and cozy feeling.
  5. Hanging heater: This is used when you want to save space.
  6. Table top: They are portable and ideal for few people sitting around the table. They create an intimate setting. 

Your outdoor activity is extended throughout the year

Having a patio heater allows you to continue using the patio almost throughout the year. A dip in the temperature need not be a cause to restrict your activities. Sitting outside, enjoying a view of your garden, while sipping a cup of hot tea/cocoa is now enjoyable. For those who feel locked in breathing in fresh air even in winter is rejuvenating. There is no danger of catching a chill.  Children can also enjoy sitting out in winter. Family dinners in patios and entertaining guests can be done outside in any season. 

Safe and easy to operate

Patio heaters can be safely used in houses with children and pets. Safety is ensured because there is no open flame and risk of fire hazard is reduced. Only the emitter screen and top of the heater get heated. The bottom of the heater remains cool. There is a safety tilt valve which auto switches off the heater if it is tilted or accidentally tipped off. 
There are several other reasons like lack of smell or noise. Patio heaters do not emit carbon dioxide. There is also a temperature regulator in many heaters which allow you to control the temperature. Maintenance of heaters is also not a problem. Patio heaters can be used even in garages or sheds. With warmth you have an excellent place to work. Some of the popular patio heaters are:
  1. Lava Heat Italia Patio Heater
  2. AZ Patio Heater
  3. Amazon Basic Havana Bronze Patio Heater 
When storing patio heaters they must be kept covered. The height of your heater can be reduced when storing. This is done by removing the reflector and heater cover. When using again in the next winter they must be properly checked. The gas tube must be in good condition. The heater must also be lighted to see if the gas vents are not clogged. 
Patio heaters are a great boon to have in winter.

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